Maritime Text Message Service PREMIUM

Latest maritime and land weather report worldwide - on the go!

  • 60 hour marine and land weather forecasts for any and every region and geographic coordinates worldwide
  • Weather forecasts for specific routes anywhere in the world
  • Weather conditions for the North Sea, the Baltic Sea and the Mediterranean Sea
  • Updated as often as 4x daily and accessible around the clock
  • Available on all mobile carrier networks
  • Query of your remaining units available online 24 hours a day
  • Reminder text message is sent automatically at the end of your service agreement and/or in case you have less than 10 remaining units available
  • Hotline support


35 forecasts 40,-€
66 forecasts 75,-€
115 forecasts 120,-€

The prepaid forecast units are valid for one year from the day of activation and expire thereafter. If an additional prepaid package is purchased before the expiration of a previous package, the remaining units from the previous package are carried over to the new package and assume the new package's expiration date.

Automatic Delivery Service

Please let us know the requested area and the period for an automatic delivery by phone or just send an email to