GRIB-View 2

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GRIB-View 2

The predecessor: GRIB-View 2

Supported at least untill December 31. 2018, no longer for purchase

WetterWelt GRIB-View 2 is a METEOROLOGICAL navigation software, that displays weather forecasts on your computer. Intuitive handling, small data packages as well as a high forecast accuracy are the main characteristics of our internally developed software.
All modern systems under Windows and Apple are supported.

GRIB-View 2 presents the following informations:

  • average wind direction and speed
  • gust potential
  • barometric pressure including isobars
  • temperature
  • weather appearances
  • wave period
  • swell direction
  • wave heights
  • sea surface currents

The graphic interface consists of clear and understandable numeric values, symbols, and color shadings. The forecast time periods run up to 240 hours depending on the data available.

Weather (Thunderstorms, rain, fog etc.) is displayed with vividly colored symbols for the first 72h of the forecast period.

Route Weather:
Numerous courses can be defined and saved with arbitrary way points. GRIBView 2 calculates the weatherforecast along a user-defined route. Whilst setting way points, direction and distance between the way points are displayed simlutaneously. This helps with your planning.

Time Zone Setting:
By a user-defined off-set the universal time can be switched to local time.

Measuring Points:
Measuring points can be defined anywhere on the map. The measurement covers the wind over time for a certain time frame. Defining a new measuring point opens a new window, where date, time, wind direction, wind speed, and gusts are listed. Start time and length of the time frame can be pre-defined. The displayed parameters can be selected individually.

Race Planning: "up-and-down-wind"- Wizard
A mouseclick on this icon activates several functions. First of all a gridlock is activated (coordinates are displayed). With it you can set the starting point e.g. bottom mark / start ship, next the reference point for the finish / top mark is defined. Direction and distance are displayed continuously. After the finish point has been defined, both points are marked: start point with a green pin and finish point with a red pin. Also four measuring points are automatically set with their timelines:
1. Start point
2. Top mark
3. Right hand side
4. Left hand side