Graphical presentation of weather and current

WetterWelt GRIB data is available

  • in different spatial and temporal resolution
  • for your software WetterWelt GRIB-View 2
  • for all prevalent weather- and navigation software

What are GRIB data?
In order to display the weather and water current forecasts with WetterWelt GRIB-View 2 you need input data or what we call "GRIB data". GRIB stands for "gridded binary" and serves as the World Meteorological Organizations standard format for the exchange of (weather) data.

We offer:

Data file size
The WetterWelt data files are usually 50 to 150 KB in size. This compact size ensures that the file transfers can be completed as cost effectively as possible. For our SSB radio clients we also supply file sizes not exceeding 30KB!

Data transmission and updates
WetterWelt releases regular updates twice and also 4 times a day. The updated data can either be sent automatically to an email address provided by you or you can download pre-ordered data directly from the WetterWelt server (possible only with the WetterWelt GRIB-View 2 Software).