The names of Dr. Meeno Schrader and his WetterWelt GmbH carry a reputation of professionalism and high quality work.

Our expertise offer includes everything from measurement data, to technical opinions and testimonials, to climatological studies.

The WetterWelt data archive consists of world wide, official observation data, high-resolution analyses fields, radar and satellite images as well as forecast calculations. This allows us to reconstruct a weather situation exactly as it was.

Our expertises contain:

  • understandable weather condition descriptions
  • time referenced development of weather parameters
  • when appropriate, time lines in table formats
  • meteorological evaluations

Climatological Studies

Do you run a weather-affected business and want to optimize your logistics and scheduling? Are you planning a large project that could be affected by the weather?

Since the beginning of this millennium the weather parameters are all showing signs of a gradual and noticeable changing of our climate. Historically accepted climatic time lines have ceased to be an adequate basis for assessment in the previous decades. Our data covers every location on the globe and any time period from the recent past up to the last few hours.